Funny Images

You know how you get all sorts of images as e-mail attachments or text messages but don’t know what to do with them? Well, here’s the world’s first directory of some that you can use to pass around to your friends and coworkers! Some are funny, some are just weird, but they’re all good.

Do you like what you see? Have any others you’d like to add? Let me know.

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Globalization Uber Allies
Female I.T. Experts
Fukitol 1000mg
Microsoft Werd
DVD Rewinder
Cats Watching Cage
Blond License Plate
Holding Hands
Cemetary to Hospital Ratio
Drink Until You Want Me
Size Mismatch
Huge Cactus Penis
Cash for Alcohol Research
Bench Problem
Dog Poop Rules
Army Knives
Three Stooges Go to War
How to Launch a PWC
IRS 1040EZ
If Guys Did the Cleaning
Budweiser Billboard
Girls Are Evil
Cupid is Lost
God Rush Hour
Really Bad Santa
SoCo Liquid Panty Remover
Mice in Snake
Microsoft Keyboard
Bathroom Office
Ghetto Camera Phone
Pork the One You Love
Smoking Rights
Snowman Robber
Rudolph's Wall
Sad Day in Sesame Street
Santa Seat Belt
SUV Flip
Rudolph vs. Dog
Drunk Pumpkin
Dildo Rhinoceros
Halloween Indecent Exposure
Class Photo
Romance Books
Tarzan Got His Yell
BMW Billboard
Turkey Farmer
Don't Drink and Fly
Daisy Rifles


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